Our Restoration Services Will Bring Life Back To Your Rugs

We are constantly called to perform a range of rug cleaning services, and this is why we are highly recommended those who need rug and carpet cleaning in Passaic.Many times a deep cleaing is not enough and there is a need for rug restorstion
Our company provides rug restoration services as well. Our team has the knowledge, tools, materials, and machines necessary to repair all kinds of rugs. They type of rug and how old the rug is wont prohibit our team from providing first rate service. Restored rugs come back looking brand new. Restoration repair makes your rug spotless and sanitary.
We provide a wide range of rug restoration services, and are also often asked to perform rug recoloring, rug reweaving, rug binding, and rug fringing. To know more about these common rug restoration services, read through the sections below.


Getting First-rate Rug Recoloring From Our Experts

Our experts have been performing rug recoloring services for years, and this is why they’re trusted and sought after by those who need to bring vibrant visual appeal back to the rugs they once loved. Our specialists know the ins and outs of rug recoloring. The customer will never have to worry that the rug recoloring will damge their rug. Even the oldest of rugs can be recolored.

When It’s Time To Get Area Rug Reweaving

You will never regret our rug weaving services. They make sure your rug is rewoven in a timely manner, and we’ll have your rug back to you as soon as possible. A lot of rugs need reweaving repeatedly, Persian and Oriental rugs in particular.Rugs that have been damaged by moths and other insects can benefit significantly from getting a reweaving service. Rug restoration service can save you that extra no needed expense.

Get Area Rug Binding From Our Team

If you don’t want to replace a precious rug then it’s best use our rug binding service from our trusted team. Using our professional binding tape or a heavy duty sewing machine, we can bind your rugs to ensure all frayed and worn edges are mended and made to be visually appealing again.
You only need binding once every few years, but it's a restoration service that can't be ignored, especially when your rug is beginning to show serious signs of wear and tear. Our rug binding restoration is affordble and efficient.

Get Rig Fringing from the Professionals

If you have hand-woven rugs, you know that the fringes are very important. They are like the backbones of these rugs. When your rug’s fringes are beginning to unravel, you need to us, expertise company. We deliver the ultimate rug fringing service you need.